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Foundation Support and Mold Removal in a Crawl Space in Dallas, Georgia

Patricia G. reached out to Atlanta Basement Systems after noticing sagging floors and a strange odor in her house. After receiving a free inspection, Patricia learned that her crawl space was not properly stabilizing her floors and poor drainage was allowing water to seep in and grow mold. Upon finding this out, Patricia wanted to permanently stabilize her flooring system and also get rid of the extra moisture and mold.


Because floor stabilization was Patricia's biggest goal, Atlanta Basement Systems installed the SmartJack support system to stabilize the floor joists. Additional supplemental beam were also installed, to further support her foundation. Additionally, the crawl space was treated for mold and then encapsulated so that mold would not grow again. To make sure there were no more odors, Patricia also got an Aspen Air Purifier. This purifier can reduce more that 99.97% of particles, and it helps reduce allergies and the risk of long-term illnesses.


Now Patricia has a clean, mold free crawl space to enjoy, and she no longer has to worry about dipping and dangerous floors!

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